2019 Energy Awards Winners


The Annual Southern African Energy Awards event was held on 14 November 2019 hosted by the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) at the Farm Inn, Pretoria. The awards evening was the pinnacle event of the Annual Southern African Energy Efficiency Conference held for the 14th consecutive year in a row at the same venue.

As an official Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), the SAEEC provides a platform for the Southern African region to be recognized for their contribution to the industry, whereafter winners are automatically entered into the AEE regional, and international awards categories. SAEEC is the springboard to international recognition for our members, member organisations, and all persons passionate about energy in Southern African.

This year’s winners were of exceptionally high standard, and SAEEC is proud to announce the awardees. However, confidentiality of information is respected in the announcements to protect winner’s clients.


Hall of Fame 2019 for energy efficiency awarded to NCPC-SA’s Alf Hartzenburg

Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their lifetime achievements in promoting the practices and principles of energy management, the highest honour bestowed on an individual by the SAEEC. Alf Hartzenburg is a deserving candidate for 2019 as he has carved an illustrious career in the South African private sector of manufacturing, spanning leadership roles in operations, logistics and general management over a 34-year period. He pioneered the adoption of cleaner production methodologies in the textile and apparel sub-sectors. His business achievements ensured noteworthy visibility in international markets which saw him hosted on numerous global supply chain platforms.

As National Project Manager of the South African Industrial Energy Efficiency Project, launched by the NCPC-SA and UNIDO, Hartzenburg trained more than 3,000 energy managers and engineers in South Africa, facilitated the development of two national qualifications in energy efficiency and recorded energy savings of 5.7 terawatt hours, mitigating 5.6 million tonnes of CO2e emissions and, in the process, saved industry R4.6 billion.

Hartzenburg shifted from a broad environmental resource efficiency focus in his early career to a narrow and deep focus on energy efficiency which saw him fast track his capacitation in energy management systems and energy systems optimisation through a range of specialised training courses with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the United National Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to equip him for the role in guiding the IEE Project through 8 landmark years. He is a CEM and CMVP, a UNIDO Energy Management, Steam and Fans systems expert. He facilitated the ISO 50001 aligned energy management system implementation in more than 30 industrial plants and supported ISO 50001 certification in a further 6 companies.

Alfred regularly conducts energy system assessments and provides technical assistance to industrial plants and has done so in South Africa, Mauritius, Myanmar and Ghana since 2012. He is an ETDP SETA certified facilitator and a UNIDO trainer in Energy Systems, Steam, Fans, Electric Motors and Compressed Air Systems optimisation as well as a European Energy Manager (EUREM) trainer in energy management and regularly facilitates energy management training workshops in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Mauritius. He has also co-authored and participated in the development of the NCPC-SA RECP and introductory chiller system training courses.      

He has served on the International Energy Association’s (IEA) expert’s panel for digital technologies for energy management, as an advisor to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Energy (PCE) and on the Western Cape Government’s PSG04 and SEAR task teams. He still serves on the Clean Energy Ministerial and SANEDI 12L adjudication panels. In 2016 Alfred was recognised with the SAEEC Energy Efficiency Patron Award for his contribution to energy efficiency in South Africa.


Dr Herman Carstens walked away with top accolades

  • Energy Engineer of the Year
  • Top Certified Energy Manager (CEM) student of the year

Dr Carstens achieved the top score in his CEM examination bordering close to full marks, and has done pioneering work on the development of the M&V guideline that will be of incalculable value to the South African Energy market, and the international market as a whole. The M&V guideline and online tool developed for this purpose, expands on an already mature process by including automation and including other metrics such as uncertainty shows innovation and initiative.


Female Energy Professional of the Year – Martjie Cloete

With a long career in the energy industry stemming from the private consulting industry to more recently government, Martjie Cloete has been instrumental in saving water and electricity in the Western Cape Province. Managing 89 electricity shared savings facilities and 60 water shared water savings facilities, she has exceeded the set electricity savings targets by almost 25% and the water savings targets by 70%. The judges noted the culmination of an understanding of energy management principles, savings monitoring and management (of people) across multiple buildings is reflected.


Young Energy Professional of the Year – Bryan Majola

Bryan Majola is a newcomer on the block, but has shown commitment to the industry through participating in information dissemination activities, a variety of international training and project initiatives where he showed talent and innovation in the energy efficiency field.


Energy Innovator of the Year – Lorraine Jenks

Lorraine Jenks has used her extensive experience in the hospitality industry to the benefit of the energy industry by consistently working on energy efficiency and related green activities through the creation of current and valuable websites that assists millions of consumers world-wide to access the “green” products and thus to facilitate the greening of the Planet. She avails herself to information dissemination at every opportunity provided, and shares her passion for greening the planet vehemently.


Energy Educator of the Year – Louis Lagrange

Once trained by Louis Lagrange, you never forget the experience. Louis has trained over 75 courses and developed numerous one’s as well, has been instrumental in changing people’s lives by understanding the complex topic of energy efficiency. He is is bestowed this special recognition award for the promotion of educational activities, that serves to further the understanding of energy efficiency and its role in sustainable development in the Southern Africa context. Louis has trained in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Sri Lanka. He has been involved in training previously disadvantaged students during the LEDET Programmes.


Industrial Energy Project of the Year – SA National Industrial Energy Efficiency Project

One of the most successful projects to date in South Africa that has delivered unparalleled results and ambitious scale, the nation-wide Industrial Energy Efficiency Project of the National Cleaner Production Centre – South Africa (NCPC-SA) aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in South Africa through extensive training, practical application and continuous involvement with industry towards energy efficient practices. The judges noted the organization’s effort required to implement a project of this magnitude cannot be underestimated.


Commercial Energy Project of the Year – LTM Energy

LTM’s project shows true leadership as it demonstrates the importance of a holistic view of new developments. The project takes into consideration energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and security, indoor comfort, as well as upskilling of the local community. True innovation is shown by utilization of typical components (chillers, ice storage, rainwater harvesting, solar PV) and bringing it together to create truly great performance. The judges noted that the results in terms of savings are commendable.


Energy Services Company (ESCo) of the Year – EnergyDrive

A project where the ESCo takes responsibility of all phases of the project to ensure project savings are quantified and sustained. EnergyDrive brought true leadership to the ESCo model of energy projects that deliver real time impact. The judges rate the project as “Excellent” as the implementation considered the financials, the verification of the actual savings achieved, and demonstrating the correct implementation of appropriate energy efficiency measures and equipment.


Industrial Corporate Energy Company of the Year – BKB Ltd

BKB Ltd operates on PowerX agrements and is leading the industry by example. Contact BKB Ltd for more information.


Awards Entries for 2020 open on the 4th of May 2020, with the Annual Awards Event on Friday, 6 November 2020 at Farm Inn, Silver Lakes, Pretoria.

For enquiries contact the Secretary General of the SAEEC at secgen@saeec.org.za