SAEEC President

Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds has a BSc (Chemistry) from University of Witwatersrand) and has a MBA from the University of Hull. She achieved her CEM in 2005. Lisa has worked in the insulation and interior building industry for 12 years. In 2003, she became involved in fire and energy standards and in rewriting of the building code (SANS 10400 and SANS 204). In March 2009, the Technical Committee began Edition 2 of the SANS 204 series and Lisa is once again the Chairperson of the Working Groups responsible for the drafting of these standards. Lisa was a member of the Technical Working Group for the Green Building Council of SA which drafted the Green Star rating tool for Offices (published October 2008) and the Green Star rating tool for Retail (published 2009). She served on the SAEE Board and other bodies including those at the SABS. She is actively involved in the writing of the energy efficiency standards for buildings and industry and is a member of the Regulatory Advisory Group. Served as research steering committee member for DME research projects; served on a committee recommending interventions for condensation preventions in low cost housing in the Southern Cape area; working with Eskom’s Demand Side Management department on projects; Energy Efficiency (and insulation) training for specifiers, project engineers, developers, end users and other stakeholders; Board member of SAAE’s (South African Association of ESCO’s).

SAEEC Vice-President

Keith Cassie

Keith Cassie heads up the Engineering and Energy Management department within Standard Bank’s Group Real Estates Services division and actively works on the bank’s energy management strategy. He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and is passionate about leadership and the sustainable development of Africa’s energy sector. He’s a professionally registered engineer (Pr.Eng), a certified international energy manager (CEMI) and is currently completing his MBA and focusing his research on the effectiveness of an energy management system in commercial properties. Keith’s previous working experience entails being an Engineering Specialist for BHP Billiton’s Aluminium smelters, a Senior Engineer for Eskom’s Gas and Renewable department and a Senior Design Engineer for Tenova Mining and Minerals. He also currently seeks to develop the future leaders in the energy industry and serves as the Chairman of the South African National Energy Association’s (SANEA) Young Energy Leadership Forum. He was awarded with a Mark of Excellence for his service at Standard Bank and managed projects which achieved international recognition as Sub-Sahara Africa’s Energy Project of the Year 2015 by the Association of Energy Engineers. Further acclamation includes Eskom eta, Mail and Guardian’s Greening the Future and Africa’s Energy Project of the Year at the 8th annual Africa Energy Awards.

SAEEC Past President & Treasurer

Karel Steyn

Mr JJ(Karel) Steyn, Pr Tech(Eng), Pr Techni(Eng), C.E.M. and C.M.V.P. is a Senior Consultant on Energy Performance Verification who previously managed the Measurement and Verification (M&V) function for 8 years in Eskom. He is acknowledged by the USA Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified Energy Manager since 2002 and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional since 2006. He is registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and an M&V Technical Assessor for the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). He is the President for the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) and a board member since its creation in 2002, a board member of the Measurement and Verification Council of South Africa (MVCSA) and sits on the Eskom M&V Steering Committee, the SANEDI Energy Efficiency Evaluation Committee for 12-I and 12-L tax incentives, the SANAS M&V Specialist Technical Committee, the SANAS Energy Management System (EnMS – ISO50001) Certification Technical Committee, the SABS/ISO 50001 Energy Management Technical Committee 242 and participates in the Clean Energy Ministerial: Global Superior Energy Performance (CEM:GSEP) Partnership M&V Task Force. He is a member of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAiEE). Karel has been active in many capacities in the energy and climate change fields since 1992.

SAEEC Board Member

Zadok Olinga

Zadok is one of the leading experts in Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Energy Efficiency working in South Africa and holds the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) international certifications. He is an expert in Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Energy Efficiency assisting South African corporate companies obtain cost improvements in their operations. Zadok has carried out M&V inspections and written energy efficiency technical reports on more than 80 projects on the Eskom EEDSM program, the Section 12I tax incentive, and the Section 12L tax incentive. Thus far I’ve worked on approvals of more than 2.5 billion Rand in the Section 12L and Section 12I tax allowances for a diverse range of clients. My focus lies in consulting and advisory on energy efficiency, demand reduction, GHG emissions mitigation, carbon tax, and tax incentives and grants related to resource efficiency, namely; energy, water, and carbon. The execution of his activities relies on his diverse engineering knowledge and experience of energy efficiency projects, regular client engagement, a knowledge of the South African regulatory and tax environment, in addition to his background in ISO17020, SANS 50010, ISO50001 standards and the IPMVP guideline for M&V.

To date Zadok has worked in a variety of industries such as commercial aviation, logistics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, beverages, plastics, glass and paper manufacturing, smelting and beneficiation, utilities, renewable energy and in the public sector.

As part of his passion for energy efficiency, he has given multiple presentations at the SAEEC annual conferences and at other conferences and workshops in South Africa.

SAEEC Board Member

Yolanda de Lange

Yolanda is the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certification Administrator for the Sub-Sahara Africa Region, a Board Member of the International AEE Certification Board, and one of two AEE Proctors in the region. With a Diploma in Journalism she became involved in the energy industry through her role of 13 years as editor of firstly Sparks Electrical News, shortly thereafter of Electricity+Control magazine during which time she supported the establishment of the SAEE in 2002 as well as the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) during the same period. Initiating the first Energy Efficiency Made Simple handbook published in 2006, with a follow up in 2009 both still relevant and containing materials written by still current SAEE (now SAEEC) members.

As a mentor of youths in the energy industry, coordinating and developing capacity building programs in all aspects of the sustainability industry, she has been living out her passion to make a contribution to changing the continent to become more sustainable in the global context. For her work she received the 2018 AEE International Energy Innovator of the Year Award, recognising her work with previously disadvantaged students from South Africa towards international recognition as energy professionals.

SAEEC Board Member

Bryan Majola

Bryan Majola(32) is the Founder and Director of Energy Doctors, a tier 1 energy services company, which focuses on designing projects for homes which need to become more energy efficient. It also designs projects for municipalities. Bryan He also sits on the board of the South African Energy Services Company Association, and that of the South African Energy Efficiency Confederation, of which he is the youngest director.

His energy experience ranges from energy efficiency, smart grid, renewable energy and building envelope technology to power quality of distributed generation grid, and he was part of the team that won the African Utility Africa Community project of the year in 2015. That project has grown to employ more than 48 young people, and led him to become a founding member of the Africa-German Sustainable Entrepreneurship Network, which works to strengthen relationships between African and German entrepreneurs in the green industry.

Bryan was selected by the United Nations Unleash Innovation lab as 1 of 1000 global change-makers to participate in the 2018 Unleash Innovation Lab cohort, held in Singapore. He is taking his skills to a greater global audience by mentoring German startups and accepted an invitation to be one of 100 African entrepreneurs to participate in the World Youth Forum in Egypt in December 2018. In 2019, he has been selected as a facilitator at the Unleash Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, China and in the same year, the Mail & Guardian listed Bryan on their prestigious Top 200 South Africans of 2019.

Bryan’s core motivation is the desire to achieve greater levels of self-improvement and sustainability in resource use. He is happily anticipating the future with smart grid  technology development which he is playing an integral part in developing, with the assistance of seed funding raised locally and internationally.

SAEEC Board Member

Wynand van der Merwe

Wynand van der Merwe is an internationally experienced Skills Development Professional with extensive experience in skills development systems for large organisations and government bodies. He currently serves on the board of the SAEEC and is employed by the CSIR as the Skills Development Manager of the NCPC-SA.

Wynand joined the NCPC-SA team in 2013 as Skills Development Manager to establish a skills development department, responsible for developing and implementing various training interventions, an RECP internship programme, as well as facilitating the development of relevant national qualifications. Recent responsibilities include the development of a professional body for RECP practitioners

He previously served as Senior Manager: Sector Skills Planning at ISETT SETA, before relocating to the United Arab Emirates where he led a team of international experts in the implementation of a pilot project towards the establishment of a National Qualifications Authority and Qualifications Framework in that country. After returning to South Africa, he was contracted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in 2011 as a Training and Education expert to implement Skills Development solutions for the Industrial Energy Efficiency Project (IEE Project), co-implemented by UNIDO and the NCPC-SA.

Wynand holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honour’s Degree) in Communication Studies from the North-West University in Potchefstroom.