SAEEC staff have been working from home, and have commenced the planning for this year’s annual Southern African Energy Efficiency Conference and Exhibition as well as the Annual Energy Awards – we encourage you to use the time at hand and consider submitting a paper abstract, as well as starting to get your entry info ready for the energy awards. 2020SAEE Conference will be the ideal platform and timing to re-ignite your small, medium or large energy and resource efficiency business – come and share your ideas and learn from others on ways to achieve this.

After the success of the 2019 SAEEC Conference topics, and the responses we had to the papers presented at the conference, the SAEEC welcomes abstracts covering discussion themes in resource sustainability for submission:

  1. Strategies for environmental change: Government activities, all about carbon, funding, grants, incentives, policies
  2. Energy nexus links: Energy, Water, Transport, Food
  3. Sustainable generation and distribution: Renewable energy sources, alternative generation, smart grids, storage
  4. Fourth Industrial Revolution and Energy:  Internet of Things (IoT), Technologies, Industrial Energy Management
  5. The business of energy businesses: Energy Services, Project Management, Business Finance, Business cases for energy, Marketing, PR, Writing Skills, this will also include products*

Deadlines for abstracts: 23 July 2020


2019 SAEEC Presentations:

Held at Farm Inn, Silver Lakes, Pretoria


SAEEC 2019 Opening Session-EWSETA-Tsholofelo Mokotedi

2019SAEEC Opening Session – Why Rather Nuclear – Dave Nicholls

2019SAEEC Opening Session – DTI I Baron


2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-PowerPerf-McPherson-PQ Risk

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-LNP-Pillay-People First PPP in RE Sector

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-FISHER-Devon-Optimal Monitoring Technologies Compressed Air Leak Detection

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-CSIR-vdMerwe-Professional Body

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Richardson-Detrimental effects of compression

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-AircoSaver-Watchurst

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-CSIR-PMabina-EnOptimisation of Electrical Water Heaters

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Mgidi-Mind solar analysis of wind and solar

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Lammie-SANS 10400 XA

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-LTM-Pillay-Bld Optimisation

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Jorgensen-ENJ PPT-IsodisingEnMS

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Gibbert-sustainability High Density Affordable Housing Dev

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Netcare-Nortje-Sustainable future energy strategy in a hospital facility

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-CSIR-PMabina-EnOptimisation of Electrical Water Heaters

2019SAEEC Ewseta Room-Gibberd-Onsite service enterprises


2019SAEEC Unido Room-Williams-Compressed Air Systems Optimization

2019SAEEC Unido Room-HPE-Lamprecht-Solutions to reduce energy usage and increase revenue

2019SAEEC Unido Room-Dada-Industrial Energy Efficiency

2019SAEEC Unido Room-CSIR-Faith-The continued Relevence of ISO 50001

2019SAEEC Unido Room-GIZ-Chetty-SSEG Enabling Framework

2019SAEEC Unido Room-GIZ-Zellar-EE and role of ESCos in the German Energy Transition

2019SAEEC Unido Room-LTM-Brand-Off-grid Solar Pumping

2019SAEEC Unido Room-Motaung-Innovative use of EnMS Principles to determine a runners performance

2019SAEEC Unido Room-NAMA-Curren-EEPBIP ESCOs

2019SAEEC Unido Room-SULA-EE management in SME sector

2019SAEEC Unido Room-Beyen-Separation of gases


2019SAEEC Cova Room-Catalyst-Pelser-Carbon Tax Allowances

2019SAEEC Cova Room-M Cloete WC DPW-M&VBest Practices Shared Savings Projects

2019SAEEC Cova Room-Maritz-UFS-MachineLearningTechnologies for EnMS

2019SAEEC Cova Room-SANEDI Bredenkamp-12L Impacts – Barry Bredenkanp

2019SAEEC Cova Room-EEStLRP SECO Lighting-Lucky Modumo

2019SAEEC Cova Room-Takusa-Mensah-EEGainsinRE projects

2019SAEEC Cova Room-SANEDI-Lundall-CoolSurfaces

2019SAEEC Cova Room-PWC-Maharaj-Predictive Maintanance

2019SAEEC Cova Room-LowExCo-Kausch-Assessment of Cool Coating