SAEE Confederation membership creates awareness and grows business.

The industry is undoubtedly going ‘green,’ with companies large and small refocusing on energy saving. Standards, best practices and incentives have been introduced throughout the country to maximise this trend.

Join hands with South Africa’s key industry professionals and enjoy the benefits. SAEE Confederation membership means that you and your company are:

  • up to date with the latest international developments;
  • building new business relationships;
  • identifying yourselves as part of the national authority of energy efficiency; and
  • helping South Africa to develop into an internationally recognised player in the energy efficiency industry.

SAEE Confederation membership also enables you to keep abreast of all the latest news regarding energy efficiency and energy management.

Membership is open to all energy stakeholders as individuals, institutions or corporate organisations in South and Southern Africa.

By becoming an SAEE Confederation member, you join a dedicated group of professionals committed to helping their firms and clients increase energy efficiency, utilize innovative energy service options, enhance environmental management programs, upgrade facility operations, and improve equipment performance – while at the same time strengthening their organizations bottom lines. As a member, you have a cross-section of member benefits. All in all, SAEE Confederation membership serves as your personal gateway to the information you need on our ever-changing industry.

SAEE Confederation Members

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