Core Benefits

The AEE of which the SAEEC is a chapter, is the world’s largest Energy Efficiency society, bringing Members access to the industry’s most essential energy efficiency Information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits.


Staying current with the fast-changing world of technology…

SAEEC Newsletters

  • produced monthly, electronic newsletters on technical topics


Belong to the network and buying power of members in 150 countries…

SAEEC Divisions

  • network with others in the local member community, and participate in local educational events

African and International AEE Chapters

  • engage with others through informative technical meetings

SAEEC Conference registration discounts Volunteering

  • opportunities that build leadership skills and networking opportunities


  • members-only personalized gateway into SAEEC membership. Corporate members logos to be linked on website and members can also use the SAEEC logo as part of email signature.


Empowering members to build and own their careers, and venues to give back to society…

SAEEC Job Site

  • locate career opportunities easily and confidentially.

Continuing Education Partners Program

  • up to a 30% discount on online programs.


  • recognize the accomplishments of professionals, managers and engineers worldwide


  • enhance your resume with an SAEEC scholarship.

Consultants Database

  • a service available for matching Energy Efficiency services with clients.

CPD points

  • for certain events presented by SAEEC and informing members of other events in the industry where CPD points can be earned.

Additional Memberships

SAEEC Society Membership

  • expands the scope and depth of your energy knowledge, expanded networks

SAEEC Standards Membership

  • influence the direction and application of standards development

SAEEC Women in Energy Membership

  • promotes the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs

SAEEC Measurement and Verification (M&V) Membership

  • promotes the entry into and retention of M&V practitioners programs

SAEEC Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) Membership

  • promotes the entry into and retention of energy professionals in ESCOs programs


  • promotes the entry into and retention of individuals in the Thermal Insulation Industry.


My company will not pay for my dues.

We’re grateful that some employers reimburse for SAEEC membership dues, but SAEEC membership is about individuals who desire to take ownership of their career, regardless of an employer’s willingness to reimburse dues. Individuals who belong to SAEEC take personal responsibility for their careers. Let me share with you the benefits.

SAEEC membership is too expensive.

The cost of SAEEC membership compared to most professional associations is significantly lower, as much as 50%, compared to organizations such as the National Society of Professional Engineers, American Medical Association, and the American Bar Association. When you really think about it, SAEEC membership dues are quite reasonable when you consider the quantity and quality of benefits offered to members. Also, SAEEC membership often pays for itself. The discounts members receive on SAEEC products or attending a conference makes membership a good return-on-investment.

The value of SAEEC membership does not justify the cost.

SAEEC membership offers an array of benefits that may be of interest to you. Perhaps you are unaware of the some of these benefits. They include Access to publications; Professional and educational development; Unique networking opportunities; Discounts on conference attendance, insurance programs, SAEEC products…. And every member has their own, personalized gateway into SAEEC membership via my SAEEC. Let me share with you the benefits

I have no time to read the publications.

It’s a constant challenge between finding the time to be informed, and one day discovering that you’re not energy current. Our members tell us that reading SAEEC publications saves them time, as they do not need to “reinvent-the-wheel” at work. SAEEC publications are the world’s best collection of energy information. Taking the time to read this information keeps you energy current. Investing 30 minutes with one publication could save you 40 hours of research at work.

I can find all this information on Google—what’s the value of membership?

There’s a lot of information to be found on Google, but SAEEC publications are not available for free on Google. Moreover, the quality of energy information found via Google is random, and doesn’t adhere to any consistent standards of technical excellence. Did you know that 60,000 patents cite AEE information? – These patents cite AEE, not Google.

SAEEC membership is much more than access to information. It’s about networking, professional development, and you taking personal responsibility for your career. Membership is about meeting new colleagues, and coming into contact with really great people—individuals who join SAEEC form friendships that last a lifetime. You wouldn’t meet these people on Google.

I can get all of the information through my employer, so why should I belong?

Yes, organizations worldwide rely upon AEE and SAEEC information to be technically current and competitive—it speaks to the AEE’s and SAEEC’s quality. SAEEC membership is more than access to information. SAEEC membership is about you being competitive and taking personal responsibility for your career. SAEEC’s benefits include venues and tools for members to network, build valuable professional connections, and hone leadership skills. These are essential for managing your career.

Membership is about meeting new colleagues, and coming into contact with really great people—individuals who join SAEEC form friendships that last a lifetime. SAEEC membership is more than what you receive—it’s also about what you’re giving back. When you belong to SAEEC, you are supporting a much larger mission—your membership enables initiatives such as public information and policy efforts, affordable student membership, and the introduction of technology careers to young people worldwide.

I’ve recently been unemployed, and can no longer afford the dues.

SAEEC will help you during these times. SAEEC has a reduced-dues program for unemployed members, which allows you to keep your benefits, which are very helpful for finding a new job—for example, networking at local Division and Chapter meetings, uploading your resume to the SAEEC Job Site, engaging the career navigator.

Join the SAEE Confederation, an organization committed to advancing knowledge, skills and networking towards effective Energy Management, Sustainable Energy Consumption and Carbon emission reduction.

Membership CategoriesIndividualCorporateBlue PremierSilverGoldPlatinum
SAEE Confederation Membership Fees *Excl. VAT)70070003500070000150000300000
SAEE Confederation Membership Benefits
General and technical information Newsletters and updates on Energy ManagementXXXXXX
Membership log-in website access to value adding information and knowledge*XXXXXX
Knowledge/information-sharing and Networking  eventsXXXXXX
Engagement with other key stakeholders including Government on Energy Efficiency ImplementationXXXXXX
Company logo and website link on SAEE Confederation websiteXXXXX
Information on training and Skills DevelopmentXXXXXX
Eligibility to nomination for local and international Energy Efficiency AwardsXXXXXX
Voting rightsXXXXXX
Eligibility to earn CPD points at the annual ConventionXXXXXX
Discount on Annual Convention fee of the SAEE ConfederationXXXXXX
Additional negotiated company specific benefits
1 memberX
3 membersX
10 membersX
15 membersX
20 membersX
30 membersX
Additional optional Benefits
Product or event advertisement to a database of 20000@ R4500 per advert
Discounted membership of the AEE for SAEE members
Job listings in the Energy Sector @ R4500 per advertisement