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Interest group subscription – The SAEEC has the following Interest Groups at no additional cost to you as member.

* Southern African Females in Energy Efficiency (SAFEE) – Open to Females only

* Measurement and Verification Council South Africa (MVCSA)

* Southern African Youth in Energy Sector (SAYES) – Open to all under 35s**

**You can still join the SAYes Interest Group if you are under 35 and employed. Student Rates however only applicable to full time / permanent students

An active SAEEC Membership needs to be in place to allow for interest Group Subscription.

Level Price  
SAYes Student Membership R 350.00 per Year. Select
Individual Membership R 700.00 per Year. Select
Corporate Membership R 7,000.00 per Year. Select
Stakeholder Membership R 28,750.00 per Year. Select
Blue Premier Membership R 35,000.00 per Year. Select
Silver Membership R 70,000.00 per Year. Select
Gold Membership R 150,000.00 per Year. Select
Platinum Membership R 300,000.00 per Year. Select

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