UNIDO Pump System Optimisation (PSO) Training

The offer is as follows

  • Livestream with trainer access for Q&A
  • Attendance Certificate after completion of full course
  • 15 hours of training over 3 days. From 8am-2pm daily South African time.
  • Full attendance of all 15 hours calculates to 2 AEE renewal credits

The UNIDO Pump Systems Optimisation (PSO) end user course enables delegates to recognise the benefits of PSO by learning how to assess pump systems and identify potential optimisation opportunities. It is an introduction to the preferable applications of the various pump types in terms of their performance and design and how they interact with each other in various configurations. Delegates will study the system within which the pump operates, and understand the impact of the design of the system on the performance of the installed pump, and assess and quantify the performance.

By gaining an understanding of different control methods, and maintenance and operational best practices, you will be able to make initial determinations of the potential benefits of the opportunities that may be visible. The methods of control, including the various types of valves and variable speed drives, will be discussed and examined as to their application.

The participants will be guided in the skills and methodology of determining how to achieve cost savings and energy efficiency through the appropriate application of correct pumps and types in new and existing systems.

The standard ASME assessment guidelines will be discussed and developed so that the participants will learn to work to a set of specific methods.

The participants will also learn to make operational cost calculations and be able to quantitatively and qualitatively assess pump systems and their potential improvements. This will enable them to initiate the development and implementation of PSO measures and projects.

PSO Trainer: Barry Platt

Bsc. (Mech. Eng) CEM®, UNIDO qualified international trainer in the subjects of Pump and Fan system optimisation. NCPC qualified expert in Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP)

Barry Platt has over 15 years’ experience in the energy industry. He has conducted over 100 energy and resource efficiency projects and assessments at large and small companies around South Africa and internationally, providing these clients with in depth information and recommendations with regard to baselines, implementation options and financial analysis.

He has completed many energy system optimisation and resource efficiency projects with excellent savings results. These included fans, pumps, compressed air, process flows, materials and waste balances, electrical and water balances. Barry has also completed and qualified in various UNIDO, internationally sanctioned training workshops relating to Energy Management and System Efficiency.

He currently facilitates training courses up to expert level in the subjects of fan and pump system optimisation. Barry owns Energy Assist; an energy consulting company.