New interest group for M&V Professionals in SAEEC

Majority of the Measurement and Verification fraternity has not been doing well during the past few years, prompting the Measurement and Verification Council of South Africa (MVCSA) to investigate possible solutions for its future. After consultation with stakeholders and some past members of the MVCSA, proposed solutions were received and discussed.

A decision was made to discontinue the MVCSA as an independent organisation and division of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC), and transfer the assets and membership to live on as an Interest Group of the SAEEC, with the option to re-ignite the MVCSA as a separate entity in future should it become necessary. This allows for M&V professionals to still take part in the energy industry as members of the SAEEC by maintaining their membership there. The MVCSA will now go by the new name, Measurement & Verification Community of South Africa.

The MVCSA interest group will be lead by Mr Karel Steyn CEM and CMVP

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