News from the SAEE Confederation President

SAEE Confederation Newsletter

18 January 2018


On behalf of the SAEE Confederation – welcome to 2018! I hope the festive season was kind to you, that you had a well-deserved rest and that you are approaching 2018 with renewed energy (excuse the pun). 2017 was a challenging year for most; and it was filled with upheaval and unknown variables. Many people told me that they were happy to see the back of it, and, with some of the external changes, they are more optimistic for 2018.

Besides the political climate, we have had to contend with the ramifications of the changing climate. Who has not complained about the heatwave in Gauteng and the drought in the Western and Eastern Cape? Well, we are in the business of finding solutions to mitigate this. The energy management, energy efficiency, water efficiency and resource management spaces are heating up – and SAEE Confederation members are the solution source of that heat.

Motto for 2018 – Keep cool and embrace the heat!

Lisa Reynolds