SAEEC RETScreen Workshop 1-2020

SAEEC always endeavors to keep all our members up to date with knowledge sharing opportunities.

RETScreen Software is an intelligent decision support tool to enable stakeholders to rapidly identify, assess, optimize and track the performance of clean energy investments over the entire project life cycle.The software can be used to evaluate:
– Clean energy options
– The energy production, savings and costs
– Financial viability and risk for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies
– GHG Emission reductions
– The performance of implemented projects

IDM Solutions offers the RETScreen Workshop to all SAEEC Members, providing each participant with a 90-day trial subscription valued at R3,000.00.

In the meantime, participants can download the software in Viewer mode completely free-of-charge.

R400 SAEEC Members (Membership Number Required)
R650 Non-SAEEC Member

*Special dietary request might incur additional cost

Policy on cancellations:
Cancellations received within ten (10) working days prior to the first day of the event will carry a 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellations received eleven (11) working days or more prior to the first day of training will receive a full refund.