SAEEC President
Zadok Olinga

Zadok is one of the leading experts in Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Energy Efficiency working in South Africa and holds the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM) international certifications. He’s an expert in Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Energy Efficiency assisting South African corporate companies obtain cost improvements in their operations.

He has carried out M&V inspections and written energy efficiency technical reports on more than 80 projects on the Eskom EEDSM program, the Section 12I tax incentive, and the Section 12L tax incentive. Thus far he has worked on approvals of more than 2.5 billion Rand in the Section 12L and Section 12I tax allowances for a diverse range of clients. With his focus on consulting and advisory on energy efficiency, demand reduction, GHG emissions mitigation, carbon tax, and tax incentives and grants related to resource efficiency, namely energy, water, and carbon. The execution of his activities relies on his diverse engineering knowledge and experience of energy efficiency projects, regular client engagement, a knowledge of the South African regulatory and tax environment, in addition to his background in ISO17020, SANS 50010, ISO50001 standards and the IPMVP guideline for M&V.

To date Zadok has worked in a variety of industries such as commercial aviation, logistics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, beverages, plastics, glass and paper manufacturing, smelting and beneficiation, utilities, renewable energy and in the public sector.

As part of his passion for energy efficiency, he has given multiple presentations at the SAEEC annual conferences and at other conferences and workshops in South Africa.

SAEEC Vice President
Dhevan Pillay

A recipient of a Standard Bank scholarship and an Eskom bursar, is a professional engineer who has completed his MSc Engineering degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal. He is also an accredited professional (AP) with the GBCSA currently reading for his PhD. He headed the drive in Eskom focusing on demand response and energy efficiency for the large corporate customers in South Africa. He won the Eskom Chairman’s awards in the field of energy efficiency in 2008 to 2010.

Dhevan is an external examiner for Engineering MSc students in UKZN and UJ. He has published and presented technical papers in many parts of the world including USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. He represented South Africa at the BRICS conference on October 2020 with focus on the green economy.

SAEEC Financial Director/ Treasure
Vash Singh

Qualifications: BSc.Eng (Chem), MSc. Engineering Business Management, Green Star Accredited Professional Prior Energy Experience: Eskom (1996-2003) in Generation Engineering, Distribution – New Business Development and EDITT Industry Restructuring, Alliance Energy (2015-2016) – NCPC Energy Efficiency Contracts Recent Energy Experience: Alliance Energy (2021 – present) – Founder and Managing Director of 2nd SANAS accredited Inspection Body for the Issue of EPCs. Serves on LTM Energy Group Executive team. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I understand the trials and opportunities of starting and operating businesses, and hence would be able to identify and implement requirements for SAEEC member organisations. Strong on structure and management systems, I can contribute to improving the overall operations and delivery of SAEEC. Most importantly, I am passionate about energy efficiency and value the opportunity in playing a critical role to drive its positive impact.

SAEEC Immediate Past President
Keith Cassie

Keith Cassie heads up the Engineering and Energy Management department within Standard Bank’s Group Real Estates Services division and actively works on the bank’s energy management strategy. He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and is passionate about leadership and the sustainable development of Africa’s energy sector. He’s a professionally registered engineer (Pr.Eng), a certified international energy manager (CEMI) and is currently completing his MBA and focusing his research on the effectiveness of an energy management system in commercial properties.

Keith’s previous working experience entails being an Engineering Specialist for BHP Billiton’s Aluminium smelters, a Senior Engineer for Eskom’s Gas and Renewable department and a Senior Design Engineer for Tenova Mining and Minerals.

He also currently seeks to develop the future leaders in the energy industry and serves as the Chairman of the South African National Energy Association’s (SANEA) Young Energy Leadership Forum. He was awarded with a Mark of Excellence for his service at Standard Bank and managed projects which achieved international recognition as Sub- Sahara Africa’s Energy Project of the Year 2015 by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Further acclamation includes Eskom eta, Mail and Guardian’s Greening the Future and Africa’s Energy Project of the Year at the 8th annual Africa Energy Awards.

SAEEC Secretary General
Thieda Ferreira

Thieda is sincere, reserved, and quiet yet persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavors she pursues.  In 2012 she joined EnTF demonstrating to be an agile troubleshooter.

Her current duties at SAEEC includes the running of AGM and Board meetings, the training committee, advisory committee, South African Females in Energy Efficiency (SAFEE) Interest Group, Measurement and Verification Community of South Africa (MVCSA) Interest Group, finance committee as well as bookkeeping and relevant financial reports, company filing management, company documentation control and compliance requirements, international chapter compliance reporting to partners, international and local accreditations.

SAEEC Board Member : Communication Portfolio

Pieter de Villiers

As an Associate Director at EY and a Mechanical Engineer, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to my role. I am certified in multiple areas, including Energy Management (CEM), Energy Auditing (CEA), Measurement and Verification (CMVP), and Carbon Reduction Management (CRM). My focus is to guide clients on their journey towards energy security and decarbonization, leveraging government grants, tax incentives, and carbon credits. I also provide support for clients in their reporting of GHG emissions, managing their carbon budgets, and navigating the complexities of carbon tax and allowances. As a committee member of the Measurement and Verification Council for Africa, I actively contribute to shaping industry standards and best practices. My passion for sustainable engineering and energy management is reflected in my dedication to continually seeking out new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and organizations today.

Committee Secretary : Communication & Events 
Motlatjo Ramaloko

Motlatjo is a highly dedicated individual who is approachable and out-spoken. He presents himself as an individual who has determination and focus towards anything he sets his mind to. He is self-driven and passionate about the sales and marketing industry. Having worked in the insurance sector which is a volatile industry that is highly influenced by market trends and volatility of economic conditions, he portrays himself as someone who can adapt to any working environment. He works diligently, is goal oriented and works well with people. Motlatjo seeks to grow and gain more experience in the events and marketing field in a challenging and educating environment at the SAEEC.

SAEEC Board Member &  EASA Chairperson

Sashay Ramdharee

Sashay is the Divisional Manager at Catalyst Solutions, a SANAS-accredited Measurement and Verification and Energy Performance Certification Inspection Body, that assists clients to quantify energy, carbon, water and waste reduction opportunities. Catalyst Solutions also manages clients existing and pending sustainability reporting obligations to government, investors and other stakeholders. Catalyst Solutions is a member of the global VAT IT group which is dedicated to creating transparent, hassle free compliance and cost saving solutions. Sashay has established relationships with the top 50 large energy users in SA. He has managed turn-key projects from pre-feasibility assessment stage to closure at almost all of the Energy Intensive Users Group of Southern Africa (EIUG). Sashay recently also led The Industrial Energy Efficiency Project which won the highest international accolade for an energy programme – the International Energy Project of the Year 2020, awarded by the global Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), ), in recognition of its efforts to transform the energy use patterns in South African industry and mainstream energy management systems across economic sectors. He is a passionate, versatile and confident project manager with 15+ years’ experience in driving projects and leading cross-functional high performance project teams consisting of engineers and consultants, to consistently meet key program deliverables. Managed the implementation of projects at 50+ large multinational industries which have saved companies approx. R1billion in avoided resource and energy costs, which were measured and verified according to ISO50001 Energy Management Standards. An accomplished energy conferences speaker and author. Sashay holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree for which he graduated Cum Laude. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). ). He completed a Project Management Professional qualification with the Project Management Institute of America (PMP) and is registered with ECSA. Sashay is a prominent member of a number of associations which include SANEA, PMP, ECSA, WEC, AEE, SABS/TC 301 and the SAEEC. He is a UNIDO Certified Expert in Energy Management Systems Implementation and a NCPC Certified Expert in Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production.

SAEEC Board Member : Membership Portfolio
Joanne Catherine Dean

Joanne Dean have been on he boards of SAPVIA SAREC SAESA and SAIEE and currently still serve on SAEASA , SAREC and SAIEE ESC , in roles of policy and regulation , spokesperson and mentorship programs . Through these I sit on NERA SAGC BUSA Energy and Environmental and NEDLAC as well s the technical committee for Presidential Climate Change . All these affiliations are because i have a passion for driving out the Green Economy and achieving Decarbonisation and resilience . The Green Economy will help maintaining resources for present use as well as for future generation while also ensuring that more employment and investment options are created to promote economic growth of the country.A green economy will be future ready. How do we get there ? By ambassadorship and encouraging the mindset change that a green economy is going to require a range of different skills that goes well beyond what many consider to be ‘green skills’. As well as industry specialists and technical skills that will continue to evolve with new technologies, successful transition will require more people with broader skills that match the demands across the wider economy.We need to de-myth thoughts that a green economy is a luxury only wealthy countries can afford as it would restrain development and perpetuate poverty in developing countries. There is growing evidence across the world of how the transition to a green economy can create and enhance jobs and economic development all the while delivering to Decarbonisation . We need to bring this understanding through events to the greater community of SA . Then we need to celebrate success and projects that go before also through events platforms.. Events bring awareness and knowledge , and increases and grows networks and support stakeholders participation .

Committee Secretary: Membership and Sales 

Helen Couvaras

Helen Couvaras holds a BA Honours Degree in Classical Culture and Byzantine Studies from the Univetsity of Johannesburg. Helen’s last position was at Crown Publications where she worked as an Advertising Manager on Electricity + Control for almost 22 years. She has enjoyed a long association with the SAEEC since it’s inception in 2002 and worked on four Energy Efficiency Made Simple handbooks, published by Crown Publications. In 2011 she received an award from the SAEEC for ‘Continuous Media Support’.


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