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PQRS Offers a range of Solar PV design and installation courses with the Excel and Exceed courses presented through the SAEEC. As one of the leaders in the development of brand neutral Solar PV training course material in South Africa; PQRS provides a specialist training environment for and on behalf of most of the major solar equipment distributors locally. Face-to-face Courses are presented at a number of venues in 7 provinces throughout SA and Online Courses are available in Live Webinar and Pre-recorded video format. These two courses are the most popular courses in SA and during 2019 more than 1000 students attended solar installation and design courses through PQRS.

P4 supports PV contractors
The African continent is unique in the types of challenges faced during PV and construction related projects. Due to the continued growth and unique challenges of the PV sector in Africa; PQRS developed a quality assurance program called the “P4 platform“.

P4 is short for PQRS PV Performer Program. This P4 platform allocates a score to contractors involved with PV installations based on their activities in the sector and measures risk using a complex matrix. Passing the online PV test and agreeing to the terms and conditions only fulfill two requirements of the platform. A contractor’s true performance can only really be measured by making use of a P4 Performance certificate (show me an example of a P4 performance certificate).

Course Overview
A variety of Solar PV Design and installation courses on offer from PQRS makes provision for learners with different levels of theoretical knowledge and practical experience wishing to design and install both residential and commercial solar PV systems. The Excel and Exceed courses are ideal for electricians and engineers or candidates with a fair knowledge of electricity wishing to expand their service offerings to include solar design and installation. These two practical courses cover the key components in solar system design and references to standards and regulations support the course content.

Both the Excel and Exceed Course content is aligned with the solar PV service technician formal qualification and a range of unit standards.

Courses are also accredited with ECSA (the Engineering Council of South Africa) for 2CPD points per course.

Assessment & Certification
Upon completion of the Excel course, students write the online P4 Level 1 test and upon completion of the Exceed Course, students write the Online P4 Level 2 Test for accreditation through AREP’s (Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners) Quality Assurance Programme. Candidates attending also receives an attendance certificate from SAEEC/PQRS.

Excel Course Content
The 2,5 Day Excel Online Course is aimed at Electricians and Engineers as well as aspirant installers, entrepreneurs and home owners.

Day 1 covers, Solar Technology & Solar Principles, Power vs Energy, MPPT’s, IV Curves, Hybrid, Off-grid and Grid tied systems, LCOE and Grid parity.
Day 2 covers, An in-depth comparison between Lead acid and Li-ion battery technology during the morning session and a complete system sizing during the afternoon session.

The Exceed Course is aimed at Installers, Electricians and Engineers wishing to further their knowledge on solar technology design and installation.
Day 1 covers, Revision of all calculations in the morning followed by mounting structures and wind forces enacting on solar modules in the afternoon session.
Day 2 covers, regulations and standards during the morning session and lightning protection, surge protection and earthing in the afternoon session

Solar PV Course topics Excel Exceed
Introduction to solar principles and solar panel technology Yes
In-depth Comparison between Li-ion and Lead acid tech. Yes
Introduction to Grid parity & LCOE Yes
Off-grid, Hybrid and Grid tied system comparisons Yes
Examples of incorrect installations Yes
Fault finding, Inspecting and maintaining solar systems Yes
IV Curves and what they are Yes
Introduction to MPPT Yes
Electrical Principles, kW vs kWh, series and parallel Yes
Full system calc incl. li-ion and lead acid battery bank calculation Yes
System design simulation on Free Software Yes
Standards Yes Yes
Volt drop Calculations Yes Yes
Conductor Current carrying capacity calculations Yes Yes
Fuse Calc – Batteries Yes Yes
Fuse Calc – Modules Yes Yes
Temperature co-efficients Calculations – Factors Yes Yes
Temperature coefficients Calculations – Values Yes
Mounting Structures Yes
Wind forces Yes
Regulations Yes
Lightning Protection Yes
Surge Protection Yes
Earthing Yes

Solar PV Sales Course @ R2000 ex VAT  

OPTION: Self Study

Who is this course for? Individuals;

With little or no electrical knowledge. (Because if you start out in a new sector, you can always start by selling equipment, products or systems)
Excited about starting a career in sales within the solar sector (for both counter sales and solar PV system sales)
That have been installing solar for a while and who would like to sharpen up their hit rate for closing deals.
Interested in understanding how the market and the sector works.

Both aspirant installers, and sales orientated individuals new to the electrical industry will find value in the Solar PV Sales course.

No test after this course


R3300 excl VAT


Online Excel Solar PV Course 13-14 January 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 10-11 February 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 3- 4 March 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 7-8 April 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 11-12 May 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 8-9 June 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 03-04 August 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 11-12 October 2022
Online Excel Solar PV Course 01-02 December 2022

Face to face Courses

EXCEL IN CLASS TRAINING : I am interested in the following course presented in class.  Cost from R4380 ex VAT*
EXCEL class in Durban
EXCEL class in Bloemfontein
EXCEL class in Cape Town


R3600 excl VAT

EXCEED IN CLASS TRAINING : I am interested in the following course presented in class.  Cost from R4700 ex VAT*
EXCEED class in Durban
EXCEED class in Johannesburg
EXCEED class in Bloemfontein
EXCEED class in Cape Town






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